Mum’s Pavelka Journey

In Just six weeks, mum has seen her clothes become looser, her fitness improve and her motivation soar!

“She does so much to help others, it was time she started looking after herself, too“
Mum has always supported me and my brother in everything we do. Juggling a demanding job as a nurse with family commitments is never easy, but come rain or shine she’s been there for us, says Jessica Brindle, 24, from Bury in Greater Manchester







MY mum, Kay Brindle, is the most amazing mum. A nurse for more than 20 years, as long as I can remember she has struggled with her weight. Mum tried every diet you can imagine. The first few weeks would be great, then her weight loss would plateau and she’d give up. It was really disheartening for her. At the end of 2014, Mum was looking into weight-loss surgery and had been referred by her GP to start the process. I decided that, seeing as she does so much to help others, it was time that she started focusing on looking after herself, too. We started off by swimming once a week at a ladies-only session. Then we changed it to twice a week and got my aunties to come with us. Mum actually started to enjoy coming every week, even if it was just for a good gossip and a catch-up. We’d been swimming twice a week for well over a year, but the weight didn’t seem to be moving. In the end, Mum was denied the surgery because she didn’t manage to reach the weight-loss target.
Finding the right Way
When I saw this year that Jessie Pavelka was doing a tour of the UK, I got us tickets. Jessie talked about the Pavelka Way — adopting a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. He said not to look at the scales, but see how your fitness improves, and to get family and friends to support you. Mum took it all on board. She started eating smaller portions and focusing properly on her lifestyle. Some days she just takes the dogs out for a quick walk, other days we go to the gym and do a full cardio session or a spinning class, and of course we still swim twice a week. In just six weeks, Mum has seen her clothes become looser, her fitness improve and her motivation soar.
I wanted to give Mum something to aim, for so we decided on a physical challenge, climbing Holcombe Hill near Ramsbottom. The last time Mum went up there she was a little girl. She’d never have dreamed of attempting it before the Pavelka Way. It was a real challenge. We made into a family day out, supporting Mum every step of the way. Although we had to keep stopping for a breather and water breaks, we finally made it to the top. She was beaming from ear to ear.

The next challenge is in six weeks’ time to do it again but quicker, which I’m sure she will. We’ll keep training for something different every six weeks after that. Now there’s no way that Mum will need to resort to surgery. This is my mum’s year for an amazing transformation!