How your body can heal from trauma


How your body can heal from trauma

“Accidental Trauma”

Everybody who has ever been in any kind of accident, whether in sport, traffic, or at work, is familiar with the traumatic effects it has on one’s health. But while the impact of trauma of accidents is acknowledged for the victims, it may not be considered for all the other people involved.. Witnesses and onlookers, first responders and doctors, carers, family, and friends are all people who, indirectly, may be affected by the traumatic event, since the mental and emotional strain can be severe.

The Limits of Conventional Methods for Healing

The accident’s impact on the body is obvious, but the mental and emotional effects of that incisive, life-threatening experience often go unnoticed. Sometimes, those effects do not become apparent until much later; but health symptoms caused by traumatic events are not rare at all, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is actually quite common. Additionally, traumatized people – victims as well as those who passively witness it – may develop depression, insomnia, addiction, IBS, unidentified aches, pains, and other symptoms. However, the success of conventional treatment including therapy and medication, has proven limited in providing full recovery from trauma. Professor Gordon Turnbull, a top Consultant Psychiatrist, acknowledges that conventional therapies are not the only answer because “we now know we need to get it [trauma] out of the body.” This of course can only be achieved successfully by allowing the body to do what it needs to do to release the tension stored from stress and trauma.

The Body Can Heal Itself With the Total Release Experience (TRE)

The Total Release Experience (TRE) is a unique, no talking, no medicine, no intervention practice An easily learned technique to help one heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. TRE is a physical practice that allows for the body to release symptoms of stress, anxiety, and trauma in a very natural way. Similar to animals who tremor after a shock or traumatic event, people, too, can initiate neurogenic tremors in a controlled way in order to restore their bodies to a natural state of balance. TRE is a empowering, life-changing practice that restores balance to the nervous system healing symptoms such as pain, depression, anxiety and addictions.

“I had been having nightmares after experiencing trauma in 2000 when our home in Nigeria was attacked and torched with us inside. Cognitive therapy sessions had not been totally successful. I have felt the difference after the TRE sessions My awful nightmares are less. . As a retired doctor, I would definitely recommend e changed in pattern, fro TRE UK™ to my friends or anyone with stress or a post-traumatic disorder.” Dr. E. Mama

About TRE-UK™

TRE-UK™ was founded in 2011 by Caroline Purvey MA (Ed) after learning the technique in South Africa. Caroline developed her own training programme which is now FHT recognized the first of its kind. Now with a team of highly qualified TRE UK™ Practitioners deliver Private and Skype Sessions, Weekly Courses and Workshops Country Wide. Caroline works closely with various professionals, who recommend the technique to their clients and patients.

Trauma Psychologist Mandy Bostwick says about TRE: “I have never seen anything like this. Truly the MSc, MA, MBACPmost amazing and natural practice anyone could do.”


Discover your ability to release stress and anxiety with TRE – A powerful ‘no talking’ physical practice: TRE is:

 easy to learn

 time and cost effective

 empowering & life changing

 full tuition and support

 profound results


Benefits include:

 Less pain

 Better sleep

 More focus

 Less addictions

 More energy


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