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Jessie Pavelka, popular fitness expert and star trainer from

The Biggest Loser US, delivers a practical guide for

being healthy, living well and losing weight

for a leaner, stronger, healthier you.



In The Programme, Jessie Pavelka, popular fitness expert and star trainer of The Biggest Loser, delivers a practical guide for being healthy, living well and losing weight based on four essential building blocks Jessie has found to be key to lasting success with countless clients:


*EAT: flavourful and healthy recipes using basic, common ingredients that are high protein and low in sugar and carbs

*SWEAT: a high-intensity interval training programme and morning workouts that yield quick results

*THINK: easy-to-use exercises that combine elements of yoga, biometrics and mindfulness

*CONNECT: the book will help you build the strong relationships you need to foster a healthier life and readers will be able to share their progress and struggles with an online community that will launch with the book.


Jessie also provides a maintenance plan that readers can use to ensure their results last. The Programme is a positive, sane way to lose weight and achieve good health by making small changes, finding balance and, ultimately, getting back to basics.


Jessie Pavelka is an internationally recognised fitness and wellbeing expert and specialist in extreme weight loss, and is one of the trainers from the Biggest Loser US. Jessie has also been seen onscreen in the UK with his life-changing work on SkyTV’s Obese: A Year to Save My Life and Fat: The Fight of My Life as well as Lifetime’s DietTribe. He’s motivated the masses on Oprah’s OWN Wake-up Workout, ITV’s ‘Motivation Nation’ in 2014 and headed the ‘Sugar Free’ campaign on Good Morning Britain in 2015. Jessie is a Race for Life Ambassador in the UK and also runs Pavelka Limited, based in the UK, which offers a range of workshops, bootcamps and seminars plus an interactive membership website to help guide weight loss.



For more information on his bootcamps, serial or to speak to Jessie, please contact Stephanie Melrose on | 02031226660 Twitter: @JessiePavelka. Facebook: Instagram: @Jessiepavelka. YouTube: JessiePavelka.






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